Visionary Map 2022

After multiple congregational roundtable discussion sessions, Session adopted a Visionary Map based on dominant themes shared by the congregation.

To proclaim God's love through preaching, teaching, and following the words of Christ; reaching out to the community in service, developing gifts and passions, and encouraging Christ-likeness among all people for God's purpose.

Sharing God's Love through Unity, Diversity, and Community

Faithfulness: All that we are and do is grounded in a gratitude for God’s goodness, trust in God’s leading, and pursuit of the life and witness to which Christ calls us. We express this primarily in worship (in-person and virtual)
Inclusivity: Sealed in the wide embrace of a loving God, we extend welcome to all people of every race and ethnicity, gender, socioeconomic status, sexual orientation, religion, physical ability, and political affiliation
Leadership: Trusting that God gives all people gifts for the common good, we nurture peoples’ gifts and encourage leadership and connection in the life of our congregation and broader ecclesial councils, as well as in the life of our surrounding communities.
Youth Development: We love and celebrate our young people, impart to them the life of faith, and empower them to use their voice and be leaders at church, school, and among peers
Partnership: We seek to be connected with our broader community, partnering with organizations, leaders, and businesses to nurture wholeness and justice within our community
Justice and Equity: In commitment to Christ’s work of shalom (as expressed in the Matthew 25 Initiative), we seek to do our part in dismantling structural racism and systemic poverty, working towards a society of justice, equity, and dignity

-Reach surrounding neighborhood and connect with new neighbors: Who are they? What are their needs and interests? How can we serve them?
-Develop partnerships with local organizations, businesses, and individuals for the use of our facilities for community good (see criteria)
-Membership and financial growth
-Continue ministry of nourishment: nourishing spirits through proclamation of Gospel, nourishing bodies through feeding and meeting human needs

-Community focused
-Serves and empowers vulnerable/oppressed communities
-Promotes health and well-being
-Allows relationship and participation with Peoples’ community

We express who we are called to be in worship

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