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Job Opportunity - Music Director

for Part-Time Work (15 hours/week) for 6 months. 
The Interim Director of Music at Peoples Presbyterian Church, 2780 York Street in Denver will contribute to the full ministry of Peoples Presbyterian Church by organizing and directing the church’s music program under the supervision of the pastor, while being accountable to the Personnel Committee and the Session. This is an Interim Position for 6 months which may be renewed or until a Director of Music is hired. Interim Director may apply for the Director of Music
position and compete with other applicants. 
Attend weekly staff meetings, attend monthly Worship Life Committee Meetings.
Confer with the pastor to ensure that the music is appropriate for the particular service.
Play hymns and congregational music during Sunday Worship service (10am), Ash Wednesday service, Maundy Thursday service, the Christmas program, and other services as needed.   
Establish and conduct regular choir rehearsals for the Adult Choir (currently Saturdays 9am) and the Men and Women Choirs when appropriate. Lead the choir by accompanying and training choir members.   
Offer professional leadership in developing the fullest and the best use of congregational music in church worship ·   
Provide and arrange music for weddings and funerals as requested    
Coordinate with the pastor and Session in purchasing in purchasing new equipment fort he music program as needed.  
Ensure that music equipment is operational and properly maintained   
Assist the pastor and Personnel Committee in assessing the requirements for the future
hire of a Director of Music. Evaluating job description and time required to complete tasks PERFORMANCE QUALIFICATIONS
Demonstrate significant knowledge and experience in directing instrumental and choral music Demonstrate sound knowledge of anthems, hymns, spirituals, gospel, arias, chorales, oratories, and other music appropriate for worship
Demonstrate keyboard skills and knowledge as well as skills in rehearsal technique
Demonstrate knowledge and skills in leadership, conflict resolution, teaching/training, and verbal communication
EMPLOYMENT QUALIFICATIONS AS REQUIRED BY CHURCH POLICY AND INSURANCESubmit information for Criminal Background Check Show Social Security card and copy of Drivers’ License or I.D Provide three (3) references
Sign the Church’s Minor Protection and Sexual Misconduct Policy Acknowledgement Form
Work fifteen (15) hours a week.Compensation is Salaried $ 9750.00 (negotiable) distributed over a six (6) month period 
Set work hours in consultation with the Pastor and Personnel Committee
Meet every three (3) months with the Personnel Committee to review the adequacy of performance and assessment for requirements of the future Director of Music position  
Meet at the end of the first six (6) months with the Pastor and Personnel Committee to discuss the progress of the music program at Peoples Presbyterian Church  
A two-week notice of termination of the Interim Director of Music will be given to the employee from the Session or by the employee to the Session    
Any adjustments in schedules or duties will be made in consultation with the pastor and/or the Personnel Committee.
Interim Director of Music may apply for the Director of Music position and compete with other applicants.
Please submit resume and references to Peoples Presbyterian Church online at peoplespres@juno.com with “Interim Music Director” in the Subject Line.