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                                                  CUSTODIAN JOB       
PEOPLES PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH is seeking a CUSTODIAN for Part-Time Salaried Work The custodian at Peoples Presbyterian Church, 2780 York Street in Denver is responsible for the upkeep and overall cleanliness of the church building and grounds. The custodian is accountable to the Session (Board) through the pastor and the pastor’s designee from the Building & Grounds Committee.
Empty all trashcans and reline with fresh, clean trash bags      
Clean all restrooms and replenish supplies      
Wet mop floors in all rooms and hallways. Wet mop the kitchen and Ichishita Room immediately after use. Wet mop Mullins Auditorium each Monday after worship and after each special event      Vacuum all carpeted areas weekly and as directed for special events       
Clean sanctuary and balcony after worship services and other events        
Set up the sanctuary for worship and/or special events, e.g. furniture arrangement ·          Seasonal work including lawn mowing & snow shoveling     
Attend staff meetings as needed to coordinate events
Dust all rooms & wash window sills       
Wipe down walls and ceilings for spider webs
AS NEEDED:       
Change lightbulbs, Inventory supplies and equipment.      
Purchases shall be cleared through the Administrative Assistant or Treasurer         
Wash baseboards on a quarterly basis 
EMPLOYMENT QUALIFICATIONS AS REQUIRED BY CHURCH POLICY AND INSURANCE       Submit information for Criminal Background Check       
Show Social Security card and copy of Drivers’ License or I.D.    
Provide three (3) references.     
Sign the Church’s Minor Protection & Sexual Misconduct Policy Acknowledgement Form.   ACCOUNTABILITY   
Compensation is beginning salary of $11,444 yearly (approximately 15-20 hrs/wk expected)           Three (3) month probationary period to determine job fit and performance     
The pastor is the direct day-to-day supervisor and will evaluate performance every six (6) months. In the absence of a pastor, the Personnel Committee and the Session will perform these duties.    Meet annually with the Personnel Committee to review the adequacy of performance and compensation                 
Please submit resume and references to Peoples Presbyterian Church online at peoplespres@juno.com with “Custodian Position” in the Subject line.